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cvmsCloud Vehicle Management System


bullet-arrow-green.original Web based system: opens from within any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc..)

bullet-arrow-green.original No installation: Web based program needs no installation on your workstation, easily remove and add new workstations anytime.

bullet-arrow-green.original Platform independent: works on PC, Mac, Ipad, Iphone, Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc…

bullet-arrow-green.original Server-less: You do not need a server on-site of your business as the server runs in the cloud.

bullet-arrow-green.original Easy Backup: Backup is easy and can be done in the cloud.

bullet-arrow-green.original Flexible Configuration: Public variables that control every aspect of the program, can be changed and updated at anytime.

bullet-arrow-green.original Easy Customization: You can request custom modules, reports and modification anytime.

Cloud Vehicle Management System is a web based application customized to meet the requirements for a car dealership based on in-house financing also known as in-house buy here pay here. The program is constituted from several modules we will describe here in short:

1- Inventory:

  • Add/Edit/Delete: Basic data entry for vehicles, includes a vin decoder that can pull up the vehicle description using the VIN number.
  • Upload images: upload images and delete to the front end of the website
  • Send to third party websites: like and

2- Finance: (Buy here pay here, Cash deals, Layaway program)

  • Add customers, can setup a full profile for a customer
  • Structure a deal to sell
  • Print reports

3- Accounts: (Collect money from customers you sold)

  • View balances
  • Print forms and reports
  • Take payments
  • Perform repossessions

4- System KPI’s

  • Early warning system, shows system vulnerabilities and actions needed to be taken immediately for accounts
  • Statistics, various useful information needed to run your business efficiently

5- Accounting (Taxes, expenses, income management)

  • Add expenses, distributions, print reports

6- Configurations

  • Flexibility to change universal data across the system and manage users, securities, system preferences, gateways, etc..

6- Online payments

  • Accept payments securely through a gateway, do not be limited to accept payments on site, customers can make a payment, view account history and make payment promises all on your site directly!

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